Rapidan River Trip with Rav and Matthew

Rav and Matthew took up fly fishing this past June.  They’ve become avid fly fishers and wanted to experience the Rapidan River. They contacted me and signed up for WorkShop #2 on the Rapidan River this past week. Luckily for us, October Caddis and Tan Caddis were coming off and the fish were looking up and obliging.  Eighteen Brookies to hand, several in the 12″ category, an awesome day on a beautiful river.

Rapidan River Trip

Rav with a Super Brookie!

Rapidan River Trip

Beautiful Colors

Rapidan River Trip

Nice Brookie Matthew!

Rapidan River Trip































Note:  The Brook Trout are getting ready to spawn/are spawning and in the upper reaches were further along in the process. The fish behavior, coloration and the redds were more pronounced.  Avoid walking through and fishing directly to the spawning fish.


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