Fly Fishing WorkShops

Fly Fishing Workshops

Fly Fishing is easier than you think.
Learn how to Fly Fish with Fly Rod ‘N Reel. We will teach you the fundamentals of fly fishing and you will have a solid foundation to expand your skills.

Fly Rod ‘N Reels’ Workshops are designed to provide the novice/beginner angler with the essential Fly Fishing skills required to give Fly Fishing a go.  I offer 3 WorkShops: WS#1 Intro to Fly Fishing with On Stream Training and Guiding, WS#2 Intro to Fly Tying and WS#3 Hourly Instruction.  

Learn how to Fly Fish with Fly Rod ‘N Reel and get that Personalized Service that You Will Appreciate!

Workshop 1

Equipment and Basic Fly Casting Techniques

  • Rods & Reels
  • Backing, Leaders & Tippets
  • Knots
  • Flies
  • Waders, boots & vests
  • Streamside tools
  • Intro to Fly Casting
  • On Water Strategies
  • Reading the Water
  • Casting and Line Control
  • Netting and Landing Fish
  • Safe Wading

Cost: $225 for one, $250 for two 

(includes 8 hours of training/fishing, all equipment, lunch and refreshments).

Maximum of 2 students per class.

WorkShop #1 can be held any time, weather permitting.

Attendees are required to procure the required fishing license and Trout stamp (if applicable) for the appropriate state the class is held.

You can also buy a Gift Certificate for WS#1, please click this link: WorkShop #1 Gift Certificate

Contact Mike to arrange your WS,


Workshop 2


Introduction to Fly Tying

  • Fly tying equipment
  • Materials
  • Patterns
  • Fly tying techniques

Cost: $100 (includes a total of 4 hours, broken up into two, 2 hr classes and includes all materials).

Location: Leesburg VA

Maximum of 1 student per class.

Can be held any day of the week.

Contact Mike to arrange your WS,


Workshop 3


Hourly Instruction

This course is customized to fit your needs. If you don’t have the time for Workshop #1 but you want to learn how to cast, learn basic fly fishing skills or brush up on your existing skills, we are happy to provide hourly instruction. Hourly lessons that are convenient for you! Equipment will be provided upon request. Cost: $35/hour. 

Location: Leesburg VA

Maximum of 2 students per class.

Contact Mike to arrange your WS,