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Epic Fly Rods

Epic Fly Rods

Epic Fly Rods

Fly Rod ‘N Reel is pleased to announce the addition of Epic Fly Rods to its offerings. I provide Custom Fly Rods built on Epic blanks, or you can buy a rod blank and build your own at Fly Rod ‘N Reels’ store.

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Epic Fly Rod Blanks

Epic® FastGlass®
Smooth. Powerful. Tough.

Epic® blanks are made to exacting standards using a proprietary S2-glass composite. This material features a fully unidirectional fibre layup which aligns fibers longitudinally along the blank. The result is an incredibly strong, light and powerful tube with a crisp, precise response. This recipe, rolled to our fast tapers combine silky smooth easy loading with trophy pulling power. We call it FastGlass®

Epic® C Series Carbon Fibre
 As good as it gets.

Epic C series are a state of the art carbon fibre (Graphite) fly rod blank. The most sophisticated composite materials and production processes are used in their construction. Full Helical construction, multi modulus, All unidirectional carbon fibre and the lowest resin counts in the industry. We believe this is the most sophisticated fly rod blank available.


epic fly rods


Custom Fly Rod Components

Custom Fly Rod Components

The fly rod components shown below includes some of the Custom Fly Rod Components that I use to build my Custom Fly Rods.  If there is something special that you would like to include on your Custom Fly Rod, I am happy to include it in the build.

 REC Reel Seats, Cork Grips and Guides

Custom Fly Rod ComponentsCustom Fly Rod ComponentsCustom Fly Rod Components

 Snake Brand Reel Seats and Guides

Custom Fly Rod ComponentsCustom Fly Rod ComponentsCustom Fly Rod Components                                     Custom Fly Rod Components


RL Reel Seats

Custom Fly Rod ComponentsCustom Fly Rod Components      

All hand made, beautiful down-locking reel seats.  Hardware is machined from 18% nickel silver. These reel seats are typically used on bamboo fly rods, however I like the look and they are much lighter than the threaded metal seats.  Can be used on rods 5 wt or less.

Cork Grips by Fly Rod ‘N Reel

FR’NR provides custom grips made with a variety of cork types, and fly rod grip styles.  If you are interested in this option we can work on a design that you prefer.  The following is a Sage One style grip.

Custom Fly Rod Components

Custom Fly Rods by FRNR

Custom Fly Rods by FRNR

Fly Rods are the biggest single expense for the fly fisherman, Custom Fly Rods by FRNR are an attractive option to a factory fly rod at 60% of the cost.

Custom Fly Rods by FRNR

TFO BVK 7 wt

Custom Fly Rods by FRNR

TFO TiCr 8 wt

Having fly fished for over 25 years I have a collection of rods from a 1 wt for Brookies up to an 11 wt for Tarpon so the costs can add up as you grow into the sport. What is nice about a Custom Fly Rod by FRNR is that you are able to choose a high end rod blank with your choice of components and pay less for the finished product. Of course component selection will drive cost, but in the end you can choose nicer components (than the rod manufacturers provide) for your Custom Fly Rod and still pay less than the retail price for a manufactured rod. I offer a 100% no cost warranty for my services (to the original owner) if the rod breaks due to defective components (defective rod blank, cork grip, reel seat), rod manufacturer/blank provider fees will apply. If the rod is broken due to any other reason than my repair service cost ($50 per section) will apply as well as the rod manufacturer/blank provider fee. These are typically less than $100 if it is a single break on a rod section (multiple breaks will cost more). When you factor in my competitive rod prices, component upgrades and personal service then you are surely ahead.

Custom Fly Rods by FRNR

Orvis Helios ZG 5 wt

I provide Custom Fly Rods made from the following blanks: TFO, St Croix, Hook & Hackle,RainShadow and others. Choose your blank and then choose your components from Snake Brand, Struble, PacBay, REC, American Tackle and Batson to name a few. I will work with you to ensure that you get the right rod blank and components to meet both your budget and casting style.

Available Fly Rod Blanks Currently in Stock

  1. St Croix 904-4 SCV 9′ 0″ 4 wt. 4 pc

  2. St Croix 908-4 SCV 9′ 0″ 8 wt. 4 pc

  3. Hook & Hackle Xi 7’9″ 3 wt. 4 pc

  4. TFO BVK 890-4

Others can be ordered on request.